Text Box: “I think it is sad to see downtown Bigfork turning into predominately real estate offices and bars.  Bigfork is losing its “quaint” village atmosphere of specialty shops and art galleries—that which attracted us here.”
“We need more low cost housing (apartments) for young people to be able to afford to stay and live here.”   
“I support economic growth of the Bigfork area, however, the rate of such growth should be monitored to avoid regrettable outcomes, enhance beauty, livability, safety, tourism, etc.”
“Development is natural.  Uncontrolled development is probably disastrous….
“Planning of this nature is vital to being able to cultivate a truly unique neighborhood….”
“A failure to plan is a plan for failure.”
“Bigfork is not just for the wealthy.  Housing needs to be affordable.  Land should not be zoned to preclude affordable multi-family housing.”
“I strongly favor land use planning.”
“This township has nothing for evening entertainment for teenagers like a movie or dance house.”
“Please bring zoning and sensible planning to the area.”
“Growth is inevitable but it must be done in a manner that will retain the charm of Bigfork.”
“This survey is biased.  Who wrote this survey?  The Sierra Club?  Greenpeace?  Communists?  Californians?” 

Though zoning and community planning predominated, a number of other subjects were discussed as well.
 “If you incorporate I’ll have to die so my family can have insurance to pay the city taxes on top of the state.”
 “This whole survey is self-serving.  The town should incorporate so the public can VOTE instead of being run by bankers, business people and real estate agents!!!”
“Thanks for doing this.”
“Very good survey.”
 “This survey is not very well done.  It attempts to confuse by asking one a question one way and the next question opposite.”  (SC Note:  We did this on the advice of a professional as an essential step in developing an unbiased survey.  It also cuts down on napping while taking the survey.) 

Signed (August 26, 2005)

Bigfork Steering Committee Executive Board

Doug Averill		Chairman
Denise Lang		Vice Chairman
Shelley Gonzales		Treasurer
Sue Hanson		Secretary
Katie Brown		Member-at-Large
Elna Darrow		Member-at-Large

Written/produced by

Shelley Gonzales		Methodology
Don Loranger		Analysis
Carol Venable		Edit