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As depicted in Figure IX-8, nineteen percent (19%) of survey respondents were absentee landowners—and presumably not locally registered voters.  This compares to approximately forty percent (40%) of the respondents being absentee landowners in the 1993 survey.  Interestingly enough, when survey results are exclusively confined to the absentee landowner group, there is not one survey question for which there is a statistically significant variance in the overall response when compared to the results of the entire survey population.    
Additionally, of the entire survey population, only forty-three respondents (3%) listed themselves as renters as opposed to owners of their Bigfork residence.

General Survey Comments:

Three hundred forty-five (345) respondents (22%) offered general comments in the space provided at the end of the survey.  As one could expect, these comments covered a wide range of subjects and opinions. 

Consistent with the numerical scores reported earlier in this document, the planning and zoning theme occupied center stage with overwhelming support being expressed for the need for both planning and zoning.  Nonetheless, a representative number of comments with the opposite view have been included (below).

“If we continue to rezone our land for developers, subdivision (sic), commercial use & industry, our area, with its unique beauty, our way of life will be completely lost.
“I do not want to live in New California!!”
“We shouldn’t lose the reasons we live here.”
“The ongoing construction is destroying Bigfork.”
“Appears to be some conflict of interest with so many members of the BLUAC being composed of mostly builders and realtors.”
“The Flathead Valley is an awesome place to live.  Progress is only natural, however, there should be limitations set on future development, so not to diminish its natural beauty.”
“This is a waste of money; the planning boards will put through whatever they want.”
“Planning is essential for the Bigfork area so that we will maintain open spaces, natural wildlife and a country atmosphere.  Uncontrolled growth will ruin the beauty of our area.”
“Planning is essential!  Members of planning boards should not have a conflict of interest—no realtors, developers, builders, engineers, etc.  Full time residents only.”