Text Box: number totals cited above.)   

Age, being a fundamental prism through which one’s views are formed and filtered, offers some essential background information to the survey results.  As a group, survey respondents were comparatively senior as shown in Figure IX-3.  Thirty-one percent (31%) of respondents were 65-years old or more, and sixty-four percent (64%) were over age fifty-five.     

These age data are more fully understandable when compared to the Business Interests and Employment Area information depicted on Figures IX-4 and IX-5, respectively.  By almost a factor of two, “Retired” is the largest category in both charts.   Professional Services, Real Estate, and Construction/Trades were the next most populated categories under Business Interests (Figure IX-4).  Similarly, Professional Services and Construction/Trades (Figure IX-5) were the next most populated Employment Areas.