Text Box: Section V: Housing          

Consistent with questions in other sections that touched on these same issues, respondents give solid support to maintaining the pleasant atmosphere enjoyed by area residents.  Pertaining to new construction, the following concepts all received strong support (Fig V-1):
A requirement for completion within two-years (3.20)
Not limiting neighboring views (2.99)
Prohibiting large trucks/heavy equipment from being routinely parked in residential areas of 1 acre or less
Protecting wildlife habitats (3.33)
Using contained/screened garbage collection sites (3.19) 

Mandatory provision of underground utilities was also heavily favored though the question was posed in an inverted fashion such that the low score of 1.51 reflects positive support for the concept.  A requirement for developers to defray the full cost of their infrastructure (roads, water, and sewer) received the strongest support (3.53) in this section.

Section VI: Public Utilities

No doubt sensitive to a variety of environment issues currently before the public, respondents generally supported the concept of new subdivisions being required to use public utilities (Figure VI-1).  Though the survey only listed two selections in this area (subdivisions with lots of 1 to 3 acres, and subdivisions with lots of 3 to 5 acres), the data show a preference for a requirement to use available public utilities when lot sizes decrease (density increases).  The adequacy of area fire protection received slightly more than neutral