Text Box: Figure I-8 (below) represents the results of questions I-8 and I-9.  As is clear from the graph, respondents expressed very positive support for the notion that planning and zoning are essential steps in ensuring a positive future for Bigfork.  It is noteworthy that the response (3.61) to question I-8 (planning) received the highest score of all questions asked in the survey. 

Figures I-9 and I-10 represent respondentsí views on defined aspects of the existing zoning and planning process.  Consistent with the historical precedent of the Boston Tea Party and the more recent 1993 Bigfork Master Plan, respondents expressed overwhelming support (91.1%) for having members of the Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee (BLUAC) elected to office instead of the current method of appointment by the Flathead County Commissioners.  This figure is up considerably from the 1993 survey result (General #5) of seventy-one percent (71%) favoring elected BLUAC members.  Additionally, 65% of respondents felt that BLUAC members should have three-year terms with 26% supporting six-year term limits. 

Some may argue that this is a Flathead County issue and the inputs of Lake County residents should be discounted.  Interestingly enough, an analysis of the data reveals this issue as transparent to governmental boundaries.  When confining the results to Flathead County residents only, the results were very similar:  90.6% Elected; 6.8% appointed; 65% three-year term limit; 25% six-year term limit.