Text Box: The perceived need, or lack thereof, for additional housing is fortified by the results of question I-4 (as shown in Fig I-3) below.  The need for Senior Housing and Assisted Living Facilities received the highest and relatively strong support while the need for Mobile/Manufactured Homes, Multi-family Apartments and Subsidized housing received little support.  The raw scores of 2.25 and 2.28 for Duplex/two family houses, and Condos/townhouses, respectively, do indicate modest support in these areas.  

An assessment of Single Family Housing needs (or lack thereof) is found in Figure I-4.     
Only un-clustered developments of 5 acres or greater received positive support (2.92 on a scale of 1 to 4).  Clustered Homes on more than 1 acre received more support (2.56) than did Clustered Homes on less than one acre (1.98)—the latter representing a modest level of discouragement when compared to the other two categories.  In a related question on the 1993 survey (Land Use Questions #16), eighty percent (80%) of the participants rejected the notion of reducing parcel sizes in their area.     


While the data presented in Figures I-2, I-3 and I-4 do reflect the views of survey participants, caution must be