Text Box: The Results

Section I: General

Section I consisted of 15 questions which addressed a wide spectrum of community facility and structure issues related to ambiance, functional requirements, and governmental structures as they pertain to zoning and planning.  

In question I-1, survey respondents were asked to rate the importance of a variety of community characteristics on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest).  As shown below (Figure I-1), Small Town Environment, Rural/County Environment, Safety/Security, and Natural/ Wildlife were all strongly supported in the 3.5 range.  New housing, Economic Development and Retail Shopping received the lowest scores.  Consistent with these results, when asked to choose the two most important features from the list, 76.6 percent of respondents cited Small Town Environment, Rural/County Environment, Natural Environment/Wildlife Habitat, and Safety/Security as the most important features of greater Bigfork.  Personal/Professional Services (1.1%), New Housing (2.1%) and Retail Shopping (2.2%) received the lowest scores in this area.

Question I-2 listed the full spectrum of housing types and asked respondents to rate their level of satisfaction with the availability of each type.  All housing types received at least a midrange score of 2.5 or higher (Fig I-2) with Assisted Living Facilities (2.51), Senior Housing ( 2.58), Affordable Rentals (2.62), and Affordable Owner Occupied (2.71) posting the lowest scores of the eight categories, and thereby indicating a modest level of support for additional housing in those areas.