Text Box: Premise was one survey per household regardless of the number of properties owned, or number of registered voters.

Mailing List
Property tax rolls and voter registration lists for the above school districts contained over 30,000 names, property and mailing addresses.  
Property tax lists were edited to delete names of multiple properties owned by an individual, business or homeowner’s association. 
Voter registration lists were edited to a single name at each property address (e.g., husband’s name retained, wife and voting age children’s names were deleted).
The phone book was utilized to aid in identification when multiple family names were encountered.
The edited names and addresses from property tax rolls and voter registration lists were printed on mailing labels.  
The property tax roll names and addresses were cross checked with the voter registration list names and addresses and the duplicates were removed from the voter registration mailing labels.  This procedure was adopted as the voter registration list was 3 years old and the property tax rolls were determined to be more accurate.
The final number of mailing labels resulted in 6,226 surveys being sent.

Survey Tabulation
Returned completed and undeliverable surveys were held in a secure area at the Bigfork Post Office.
Undeliverable surveys (491) were researched and new surveys were sent (33) when current addresses were found in the phone book or by calling the individual.
Completed surveys were picked up and returned to the post office by two members of the survey committee.
Completed surveys were stamped with sequential numbers for identification during the tally process.  The tally sheets were also numbered sequentially for tracking and audit purposes.
Each survey was initialed by the person(s) recording the responses on the tally sheets.  The tally sheet was also signed by the person(s) entering the responses on the tally sheet.  This process provided an audit trail.
At the end of each work session, all surveys and tally sheets were returned to the post office for safe keeping.
Upon completion of each tally sheet, the results were entered into an Excel program and e-mailed to both Don Loranger and Sue Hanson to insure data integrity.   Each tally sheet was signed by the person(s) entering the data and/or who typed the survey comments.
Survey comments will be compiled and placed in the Bigfork library for public review along with maps of the current Bigfork Land Use area.
Completed tally sheets, surveys, undeliverable surveys and copies of computer data were boxed and stored at the Flathead County Records storage facility.
60+ volunteers were involved in the tally process.